Talons of Power

Five years after the war of Sandwing succession, the continent has settled into a strained peace. No queen wants another war, but tensions between the tribes are growing high as mysterious deaths begin to pop up all over the continent.
In an attempt to keep the peace, a mudwing hybrid named Cavern is trying to revive Jade Mountain academy. Will the lethal tragedy that closed the school originally repeat itself? Nobody can know for sure, but he must hope that it's worth the risk of trying.
Across the sea, the Hives begin to hear rumors of a tribe they thought they would never see again, in the form of a mysterious dragon who insists he has royal blood.
The outcome of all these things is up to you. The fate of the tribes rests in your talons

Talons of Power is a roleplay based in the Wings of Fire universe by Tui T. Sutherland, but with some differences in canon. The second arc of the books and anything after never happened, and canon characters have been replaced with OCs, changing the history of the world.

Special abilities are allowed, even if they are not in the books, like shapeshifting, but they have to be bought in the shop with treasure, which is earned from roleplaying, writing stories or making art, and sometimes from events. Almost anything is allowed, as long as you have a reason for it to exist. The only thing that is banned right now are Animi, as all Animus slots are full.

We use both Proboards and Discord, although characters can be created and roleplayed on either. Discord is mostly recommended for chatting and events, while the forum is used to manage treasure and the shop.

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Darkstalker did not hatch with animus magic, so while the Ice/Night war still happens because of Arctic leaving, nothing else in Darkstalker does.
Along with the Diamond Trials, Queen Diamond creates another enchantment to punish Arctic and Foeslayer, which curses any Icewing dragonet, even those hatched thousands of years in the future.

Instead a Nightwing-Sandwing hybrid named Sunrise, who has the same powers, takes his place by using his magic to eclipse the sun, then trying to take over the Nightwing and Sandwing kingdoms, but he disappears on his way to the Sandwing palace. After this the Nightwings flee to the volcano and stop hatching eggs under moonlight, like in canon.

The three Sandwing princesses are now known as Saguaro, Sawtooth and Senita. The prophecy still becomes known as normal, and the Talons of Peace raise the dragonets, who then escape and are captured by the Skywing queen.
All of them, except the Mudwing, die. The war instead ends with Saguaro murdering both of her sisters and taking over the kingdom.

Jade Mountain Academy opens a year after the end of the war, but is closed not long after, when all of the Icewing students are murdered.


Clearsight still flees to Pantala like in canon, creating the Hivewing and Silkwing tribes. The Tree Wars still happen as normal, until the Breath of Evil is discovered by Mequite. Instead of using it to control Queen Vespa, she works together with her.
They first try it on her daughter, Lady Tarantula, but she eventually figures out what was going on, kills Mesquite and Vespid and ends the Tree Wars.

Unlike Wasp, Queen Tarantula only infects some of her guards, to help her control the Hives better, other than them and their families, no other dragon is infected with the Othermind. Relations with the Leafwings is not as bad either, and while they are still considered enemies, there are rumors Tarantula is trying to create peace between the tribes.



Queen: Nepheline
Sister: Sphene
Sons: Around 100 (Unnamed currently)


Queen: Moraine


Queen: Saguaro
Son: Anubis


Queen: Ascidian


King: Daybreaker


Queens: Unknown


Queen: Unknown
Sister: Mayfly


Queen: Tarantula
Sisters: Lady Chorus, Lady Wolf
Nieces: Lady Emerald, Lady Mantis, Lady Leech, Lady Orchard, Lady Vinegaroon